Great Lawyer

Joel has gotten me out of quite a few tickets and saved my butt a few times. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have a license right now. Showed up on time and it was a fast process. He is very straight forward and easy.

Great Lawyer Even Better Person

Joel helped my son last year with his first traffic ticket. The best of experiences is how I would describe having Joel’s representation in the court of law. I train athletes for a living and I can recognize within a week if they have the true love and passion it takes to be a great athlete or if they are just going through the motions. Joel loves being a lawyer and is extremely passionate going to battle for anyone. I would recommend Joel in a heartbeat. He’s the only lawyer I feel I will ever need on my contact list.

Excellent Defense

I hired Mr. Murphy in 03/2015 to represent my case. From the very start he and his staff made the entire process easy and explained everything completely. He worked with a payment plan for me, and also charged a flat fee, which included all court dates. We finally completed our defense in 12/2015 at which time we had actually had 4 or 5 appearances already. I was charged with a DUI, illegal transportation of alcohol and paraphernalia and through knowledge and keen eye for discrepancy and error, he got every bit of it dismissed. He showed two different patrol cars videos in court of my arrest and went down an entire list of errors and inaccurate steps the police took during the arrest and sobriety test. He negated with proof every step the officer attempted to accuse me of failing. The few different judges we had all agreed, there was no probable cause for arrest, passed a motion to suppress evidence, and one even stated that this was the most flawed (on the officers part) sobriety test he had ever seen. Mr. Murphy found all these faults and proved them. Mr. Murphy was recommended to me by one of his previous clients, and I am so glad that they did. I would definitely recommend him to others. Don’t ever think there is no hope for your situation, or that it is pointless to try, call and go in for a free consultation.


I was so refreshed to have Joel as my attorney. He is calm, collected and knowledgeable. He is courteous and respected in the courts as well. 

Joel Is The Best Dui Attorney Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love Him

Joel has gone to court for me 2 times both for DUI’s and has won both cases, one was a jury trial and one was a bench trial. The 1st DUI I got was a jury trial, and Joel did his best closing arguments and he is very fast and sharp in his words. My second DUI was a bench trial, and he won that too. I recommend Joel Murphy to anyone who has had a DUI or any traffic matters he is intelligent and will do his best to win your case. thank you again ;):

Awesome Attorney!

Joel is very professional and fights cases aggressively. I highly recommend him!

Good Lawyer

I must say Joel is a very good lawyer, made every thing easy and understanding. I would recommend him to all my family and friends.

Professional, Supportive And Honest

Joel Murphy and William Lite are amazing. I would never recommend any other lawyer to my family or loved ones. They were punctual, friendly, well prepared and cared enough to take the time to educate me on the process and what to expect in court. I definitely found my lawyer!

The Best Around!

I’ve personally used them on a number of occasions and have been nothing but happy with the outcomes of each. Very friendly and professional straight shooters. I was so pleased I’ve recommended them to others in need of a lawyer and the results were the same, by far the best around!

Awesome And Easy!!!

Joel made things very easy and simple to get every thing Squared away…I would recommend using him for your lawyer he is awesome and very very intelligent, made court no sweat and easy for me and my pocket!!!!

Great Lawyer, Great Person!

I feel absolutely privileged and grateful to have Joel as a lawyer. I’ve known Joel for many years, his dedication to everything in front of him certainly grabs your attention. I would have definitely lost my license long ago to speeding tickets if it weren’t for Joel. I wouldn’t even consider another lawyer, Joel’s the one. Thank you again!

Job Well Done!

After getting so many speeding tickets in a short amount of time, I was at the point where I was going to lose my license. Good thing I hired Joel when I did, not only did he help me keep my license but also made sure my payments went through so that there would be no misunderstandings. Highly recommend Joel and I would definitely hire him myself again.

Great Lawyer!

Great lawyer! This guy is hardworking and honest no bs gives a real opinion. Very knowledgeable and understands the system very well. I highly recommend using this guy can’t go wrong and will give you best shot to win your case. I really appreciate what a great guy he is. Stop looking and hire this lawyer!