Helping Get Your Driver’s License Back

It doesn’t take much to lose the right to drive in Illinois. One too many drinks before getting behind the wheel. One too many points on your driving record. One refusal of a breath test. Suddenly, your driver’s license is suspended or revoked.

The good news is that it may be possible to get your driver’s license back. Here at Joel Murphy & Associates, our Joliet-based attorney has successfully helped numerous people like you protect or regain their driving privileges. Call us at 779-206-4088 for a free consultation.

Following are a few important things you should know upfront:

Don’t Go In Alone

Having your license revoked in Illinois for driving under the influence (DUI) means that you will not be able to legally drive anywhere in the country until you request a formal or informal hearing with the secretary of state. If it is your first DUI, then you may request an informal hearing. If you have multiple convictions on your record, you will need a formal hearing.

Many people attempt to meet with the secretary of state without an attorney, but this is a real mistake. There are many pitfalls you can encounter if you go into the hearing alone. In fact, many people find that they are not even allowed to proceed to the hearing due to simple errors in the required documentation.

Preparation Is Everything

Proper preparation is key to having the best possible chance of success in getting your license reinstated. Beyond having the necessary documentation, it is important to be 100 percent prepared to answer the questions posed during the hearing.

When you hire us, we will offer you the personal coaching you need, working directly with you to make sure you are ready for anything that may arise. For an informal hearing, we will prepare you to answer questions from the hearing officer. For a formal hearing, we will prepare you to respond to questions from the opposing side.

We have significant experience, which means we know exactly what paperwork you will need and what kinds of questions you will be asked.

Let Us Help You Get Back On The Road

Our office is in Joliet, one of the four locations where formal hearings are held in Illinois. Contact our lawyer at 779-206-4088 or by email for a free initial consultation. Let us provide the help you need to get back on the road.

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